Taylor 326e Baritone-6 shaded Edgeburst

Special Edition 300 Series Shaded Edgeburst line up, Taylor is proud to introduce the 326e Baritone-6 SEB. The powerful Grand Symphony body paired with the husky baritone voice, a mahogany top, and sapele back and sides give the 326e Baritone-6 a rich, full-bodied low-end, a nice midrange growl and incredible tonal balance and depth. At the same time, the 326e Baritone-6 still maintains a gorgeous top-end sparkle. Carved from tropical mahogany, the neck features a longer 27" baritone scale length and an ebony fingerboard with a cozy 1-3/4" nut width. incl occ taylor koffer waar 1 sluiting van kapot is.

€ 1499