Taylor 810CE Fall Limited 2006 (500 made

The Taylor 810ce 2006 Fall Limited Edition is one of those rare instruments that sounds as good as it looks. This is largely due to the exceptional tonewoods used to construct this beauty. Sitka beautifully responds to rosewood's special language, translating its rich overtones and dark humors into a tonal palette of stunning breadth. Madagascar rosewood is gaining popularity in the world of high-end tonewoods, often drawing comparisons both tonally and visually to the heralded Brazilian rosewood. Characteristic "spider web" patterns are Madagascar's signature, transitioning beautifully into the figured maple binding and center wedge. Madagascar rosewood is the closest wood to Brazilian rosewood for guitar making. Now making its way into the guitar market, it has many of the same visual and sonic characteristics as Brazilian, being very similar in weight, density, stiffness, and appearance. It has that distinctive bold and punchy sound that many love about Brazilian rosewood, yet it is not endangered and there are no restrictions in its trade.Perennially one of Taylor's most popular models, the exquisite 810ce brings together the unmistakeable high-end tone of Madagascar rosewood, classic Taylor styling, and the versatility of a Dreadnought body, plus adds a cutaway and Expression System electronics to complete the perfect picking package. The 2006 Fall Limiteds are truly works of art, each model unified by dramatic male accents in the form of a center back wedge and handcrafted binding.

€ 2495