Esteve 9C/B

€ 1.475,00
Crafted by master luthier Manuel Adalid, the Esteve 9C/B is an instrument for the most discerning player, with beautiful complimentary solid Western red cedar top and special East Indian rosewood back and sides for a full, richly harmonic tone that projects staggeringly, all-the-while remaining modestly priced for the level of craftsmanship involved. A composite wood and carbon fibre fan-bracing provide a full and broadly resonant body design that is particularly lightweight and loud for the size. The Carbon Baras polyurethane finish gives the ebony-reinforced Brazilian cedar neck a supple, liquid feel while the ebony fingerboard provides a comfortable, articulate playing surface. Gotoh tuners provide a stable and accurate tuning system that you can rely on and that will intonate perfectly
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