Wolfgang Jellinghaus Signature Spar

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Wolfgang Jellinghaus' "Signature" model which has a variety of modern features, even though some of these are rooted in the deep traditions of the past. For example, take the floating fingerboard - the fingerboard is not attached to the soundboard at all, freeing this often under-utilized part of the top to vibrate freely and contribute to the overall sound - this is an idea inspired by similar systems from the old Viennese style instruments, most notably those of Stauffer. Internally, the bracing system is designed to help move sound into this area of the upper bout - the lower harmonic bar is open on either side of the rosette, and there is no upper harmonic bar at all - so the sound moves easily and efficiently from the bridge area all the way into the uppermost reaches of the top, utilizing most of the soundboard for production of sound. Volume is therefore huge on this instrument, also in part due to the lightweight lattice-braced double-top (nomex inbetween two pieces of cedar) system for the soundboard. The guitar is also incredibly easy to play - partly due to the immediate responsiveness requiring little effort from the right hand, but also due to the sleek, easy neck shape for the left hand. Additional features include an armrest for the right arm and 20th fret. Overall a very impressive concert guitar, particularly at this price point.....Back & Sides: Granadillo Scale Length: 650 mm Nut Width: 51 mm Finish: French Polish Country: China Condition: New Case:
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