La Cañada Model 115A

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La Cañada Model 115A

The "Model 115A" ("A" for "antiqued" look) is based largely on an 1888 Torres - the 115th guitar built during his second epoch - the original instrument was for many years the primary concert guitar of Mathilde Ruiz (first wife of Emilio Pujol) and after her death, of Pujol himself. Edmund Blochinger was able to inspect the original instrument here at GSI after we had acquired it as part of the Russell Cleveland collection. This is a full-sized Torres model with standard string length and basic proportions resembling many modern instruments built today. Like Model 17, it also boasts a lightweight build, making it a very agile and active guitar under the fingertips. It has a deep, dark voice - very Spanish in character – making this an especially great guitar for playing 19th and 20th century Spanish repertoire. Actually it is perfect for virtually any style of music as it great separation and at the same time great warmth making it suitable for everything from baroque music to Brazilian jazz - just about anything that could benefit from an extra bit of old-world Spanish charm.

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