Santa Cruz OO Artist Package (63cm)

€ 5.950,00

The OO is an ergonomic delight. This instrument delivers ease of playability and surprising volume for its size. Certainly not just a smaller version of the OOO, the OO is a specialized tool onto itself. The 12-fret body and 24-3/4 inch string length tunes to pitch at lower string tension, making the action supple while requiring less of a stretch between frets. The size and voicing of the OO give it an exceptionally balanced EQ with a wonderful complex tone and remarkable projection. This serious instrument is surprisingly loud. The OO portability makes it an excellent companion for composing and recording, and its sophisticated voice encourages players to explore undiscovered fretboard possibilities. Holding this guitar just feels right.(artist package)

sn 1005 (€7750,-)

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