BIAS Modulation

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BIAS Modulation
The BIAS Modulation pedal allows you to create thousands of modulation flavors fast and intuitively. Integrating seamlessly with the BIAS Pedal Modulation app for iOS devices and computers, the BIAS Modulation is the definitive pedal for your live gigs and studio sessions. Plus, it communicates with the ToneCloud. Share your best modulation creations in the ToneCloud, the social network created especially for guitarists, and download an unlimited number of virtual modulation pedals created by fellow musicians from all over the world. Dual Module The BIAS Modulation allows you to select two effects from two groups of modulation effects and to use them simultaneously: time- and filter-based effects, like chorus, vibrato, flanger, rotary and phaser, on the one hand, and amplitude modulation effects, like tremolo, pan, ring modulation and auto swell, on the other. The Sync function allows you to synchronize the LFO supplying the BIAS modulations to the tempo of your DAW and to specify the note resolution, from 32nd notes to whole notes, including dotted and tripled flavors. Custom Pedal Design Build your own custom pedal at the component level. Select the basic effect—an analog-sounding vintage chorus, say, or a dizzying rotary effect—and experiment with different LFO waveforms and two 8-band equalizers. BIAS FX Integration The BIAS Modulation Pro interacts with all BIAS FX mobile and desktop effects arsenals. It automatically imports your custom modulation effects from the hardware pedal into the BIAS FX pedal boards’ dual signal chains.
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