Swr top + GK Cab + Boss Tuner + Sennheiser draadloos....

€ 450,00
Complete set Bestaande uit: - SWR - Workingman's 4004 400 watt top. 400 watts with an Aural Enhancer, Direct (XLR), and Tuner (1/4 in.) outputs, separate active and passive inputs, complete EQ section with 15dB of cut/boost, side-chain effects loop, and a built-in Limiter. It comes ready to rock, mounted in its own carpeted rack (which includes an open rack space for the effects unit of your choice). - Gallien Kruger Backline 115BLX-II The Gallien-Krueger 115BLX-II Bass Speaker has a 15" woofer that delivers solid bottom end tone that the crowd will surely feel. 200W handling. Rear-ported design. 1/4" input. Removable casters. - Boss - TU50 Tuner incl adapter - Sennheiser Freeport Draadloze set incl bekabeling en stekkerblokje. SET PRIJS 450 euro
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